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Jonathan Summers

July 06, 2015

I came to Cross Fit from the couch essentially. I had spent the last 10 years basically working full time and going back to school. I told myself I was too busy to do anything more. I was not lazy, but I was sedentary. After school finished I looked at myself and realized that the 30’s were not being too kind to my body. I was getting fat. I looked soft. I started to breath heavy when I carried things and I knew that I had lost all of my prior fitness long ago. We signed up for a Spartan Race and a GORUCK light event and I knew I had to start moving or I was going to be in bad shape. I had 6 months to prepare. I started doing some body weight exercises at home but motivation was hard to sustain by myself. It was too easy to stay in bed or just turn on the TV. Excuses are not hard to find. They are everywhere. I was able to do enough though that I got the itch to feel better and to be healthy once again. My wife had been going to BBCF since the first week. I decided that it was time to start going with her. I knew it was going to be hard because I was really out of shape, and it was. It was not overwhelming. Dave and Teri were most welcoming and all the movements were scaled for safety and my fitness level. The truth about Cross Fit is that EVERYDAY you will push yourself. There are no easy days. But that is exactly why it works. This is the first time in my life that I have found exercise and being fit addictive! It isn’t the same routine of “Back and Bi’s or Chest and Tri’s and we know everyone skips leg day”. Not at BBCF! The constantly varied, functional combined movements have made me prepared for whatever events I do now; even 14 hour, 18 mile team events carrying heavy stuff in frigid weather! I have improved mental toughness by pushing my comfort zone and I keep pushing it daily as my fitness and abilities improve. In one year I have lost over 20lbs while eating MORE than ever and I am in the best shape of my life!

Thanks D&T!

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