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Jeremy Covert

July 15, 2015

All I have ever wanted to be was a police officer. I have geared myself in my education through college to meet my goal. However, I neglected the physical aspect of the job.

When my wife and I were discussing where we wanted to live, I researched the Colorado State police who trains there troops with CrossFit. I then looked for CrossFit gyms in the area and found Black Bull CrossFit. I called and talked to Dave. After a few minutes I was asked to come in for a class. After class I was immediately sore and walked my way to the car, drove home, and could not lift my legs to get out of the car. In a few days, after I recovered, I went back with a months membership. The exercise is always changing and always within my means. If I can not do the weight then I can always modify the workout to my standard. Along with the exercise is the commradery in the box among trainers and other CrossFitters. I look forward to all aspects when I go and enjoy the soreness after.

Since I began CrossFit I am in the best shape of my life. I am healthier, stronger, and I have lost 50 pounds. Dave and Teri are worth every single bead of sweat shed as I climb closer to my dreams.

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